Gear Spotlight: General Electric Tap-A-Tune

Ah yes. This thing. This was released in 1971 by General Electric and is one of the first (if not the first) transistor-based toy keyboards ever made. It’s supposed to have 4 different waveforms and vibrato, but I can’t tell if the waveform switch actually does anything, so I may need to open this thing up and repair a few things. It could also use some returning, as some of the notes don’t seem to be in tune with the rest.

This is a loud unit, I’m going to have to add a line out to get it to be really useful, as I have a feeling that adding some filters (like the one on my Korg Monotron) and effects will really get this thing sounding great. It does have that warm analog sound, it just needs a little help to take away some of the honk (running it through better speakers will probably help as well). It has potential and was a steal at under $15.

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