Floor Drill Press

Drill press is a machine tool that will be very handy and useful in a workshop, for effectively drilling on precise holes usually on woods and some other materials. It is important that one has this on a shop, all the more if you’re working on wood products and carpentry, it will make some of the work easier especially when drilling holes on surfaces. There are two types of drill press used in work shops, one is the bench top drill press and the other is floor drill press or also called standing drill press.

All of these drill presses run one fourth to one horsepower and has specific size of quills, meaning how long will the machine be able to drill the a hole on the surface of wood or the size of it. The speed of the machine now depends on the arrangement specifically of the pulleys and machinery on both floor drill press and bench top drill press. Usually it can up from 12 to 16 range and 210 to 3840 RPM depending on the purpose and usage of the drill press machine.

Bench top drill is commonly placed on tables or directly to workstations. Compared to floor drill presses, bench top drills are suitable for small precise works and tight working spaces, also if there are precise and small scale amount of work to be done, then it would be most useful. While floor drill press is of course a bigger machine that is standing in the floor and usually takes up a lot of space. Floor drill press is suitable for bigger work loads and multi-tasking on workshops. It also offers more power and different loads of accessories that can serve other functions as well not just drilling holes.


Floor drill press are basically preferred if the workshop has a lot of work and requires great amount of productivity. Floor drill press compared to bench top drill is more heavy duty and offers multi-function on certain projects. Floor drill press is most common to commercial shops or factories for speedier production and whole lot of usage and easy workability. These machines have different set of price ranges depending on the brand and how heavy duty the drill press and also its features. The prices for floor drill press starts with $199.99 and up, it could sometimes go over as much as $1000 and of course for that type of floor drill presses it offers lot multi functionality features.

In purchasing and using both floor drill press and bench top drills, it is important to consider what type of machine and what features do you need most on workshop. Also ensure to research on the best and durable floor drill presses and bench top drill press that will offer a great deal of discounts. Check for different reviews and comparisons on floor drill press and bench top drill press to have an idea what would be the best one and most economical to purchase for your workshop.

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